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The Academic Committee of every program may add specific selection and admission requirements to its program.

To access an official Doctoral Program, it will be necessary to have an official Spanish Bachelor's degree, or equivalent, and a University Master's degree, or equivalent, provided that at least 300 ECTS credits have been earned during both programs.

As well, those in the following situations will be able to apply:

  1. Those holding an official Spanish University Degree or from any other country within the European Higher Education Area, which enables access to a Master Degree in accordance with article 16 in Royal Decree 1393/2007, of 29 October, and who have obtained at least 300 ECTS credits in official university studies, which at least 60 must be Master level credits.
  2. Those holding an official Spanish Bachelor Degree, with a duration of at least 300 ECTS credits, in accordance with the rules of the European Union law. These graduates must have complementary training referred to in article 6.3 of this regulation, unless the curriculum of the corresponding degree includes credits in research training, academically equivalent to Master Research credits.
  3. Those holding an official university degree equivalent to level 3 of the Spanish Qualifications Framework for Higher Education, in accordance with the procedure laid down in Royal Decree 967/2014 of 21 November, on the requirements and procedure for recognition and attestation of equivalence to official university level and degree and for validation of foreign higher education degrees, and the procedure to determine the correspondence to official degrees of Arquitecto, Ingeniero, Licenciado, Arquitecto Técnico, Ingeniero Técnico and Diplomado, within the Spanish Qualifications Framework for Higher Education.
  4. The university graduates who, after having obtained a training place in the corresponding access test to specialized health training places, have successfully passed at least two training years of a program leading to an official degree in any specialization in Health Sciences.
  5. Those holding a degree obtained in accordance with foreign educational systems, without prior recognition, following verification by the General Doctoral Committee that the holder has a training level equivalent to an official Spanish University Master Degree which enables access to doctoral studies in the issuing country. This admission will not involve under any circumstances, the validation of the prior degree held by the student, or its recognition for other purposes other than the access to doctoral studies.
  6. Those holding another official Spanish Doctor Degree obtained in accordance with prior university regulations.
  7. Doctoral students who have begun their Doctoral Program in accordance with university regulations prior to Royal Decree 99/2011.
  8. The Graduates, Architects and Engineers holding the Diploma of Advanced Studies obtained in accordance with Royal Decree 778/1998, of 30 April, or having reached the research proficiency governed by Royal Decree 185/1985, of 23 January.