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Founded in June 2012, the Comillas International Doctoral School is responsible for organizing and managing the Comillas Doctoral Studies regulated by Royal Decree 99/2011.

The School’s main goal is to coordinate the different Doctoral Programs, their procedures, and training and monitoring activities.

This coordination will bring synergies in the use of resources and a stronger interdisciplinary training of our doctoral students, a characteristic and essential aspect of Doctoral Studies in Comillas.

To this end, the School organizes joint training activities and seminars where all students are exposed to research topics of disciplines different from theirs, thus contributing to stimulate an interdisciplinary approach and the adaptation of Doctoral Programs to the demands of society, and allowing the University and its research networks to mobilize their potential.

Similarly, the School constitutes the only reference for the University when it comes to Doctoral Studies, which will facilitate its integration into inter-university networks, such as the Aristos Campus Mundus program, the cooperation agreements with national and international research organizations, the attraction of international talents to its Doctoral Programs, as well as student funding.

 Registry of the Comillas
 International Doctoral School
 Santa Cruz de Marcenado, 26
 28015 Madrid
 Opening hours:
 Monday to Friday
 from 8am - 2:30pm
 T. +34 915 422 800 Ext: 2379